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Mar 15, 2021

Online Jobs International

Online Jobs International [Remote] 

Location:                United States

Transaction processing 


About Contented

Through our dedicated partners, Fortune provides contingent mission-critical services and solutions on behalf of 100 companies and more than 500 governments - creating exceptional results for our customers and the millions who depend on them.

Every day you have the opportunity to grow as an individual, to show diversity and to be part of a culture where personality is recognized.

Job Description

Performs business support or technical work using data organizing and coordination skills.

Performs tasks based on established procedures. 

Some fields require vocational training, certification, license or equivalent experience.

Simple profile

  •     Expands skills in the analytical or operational process.
  •     Maintains appropriate licenses, training and certification.
  •     Applies experience and skills to complete assigned task.
  •     Works on established processes and practices.
  •     Works with moderate supervision.

Functional knowledge

    Develop skills within a range of processes, processes and systems.

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Business expertise

    Connects teams for best results and practice of organization goals.


    Quality affects a team, for example, through service and information given.
    Adheres to standard policies and practices.
    Gets regular, but moderate supervision and guidance.


    No supervisory responsibilities.
    Performs his own workload.

Problem solving

    Ability to resolve issue without supervisory permission.
    Evaluates and selects solutions from established operating systems.

Manual skill

    Effectively exchanges information and ideas.

Statement of Liability

    Extracts and verifies more complex data.
    Pr-sets documents and corrects data.
    Examines research and issues and ensures that information is available for the next steps.
    Performs additional searches to gather accurate data and input equally.
    Completes tasks using multiple source documents to verify data.
    Pending research papers follow.
    Provides an electronic data form to the customer for additional information.
    Performs other functions as assigned.
    Complain with all policies and standards.


    Advanced data entry experience.
    High School Diploma or equivalent.

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