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Operations Manager

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Full Time


New York, NY, USA

Company Overview:

You can make someone’s day with a smile and real care. At Chick-fil-A 42nd and Madison, we are a team that strives to make a positive impact every day and stay in touch with everyone we interact with, to take good care of ourselves and to take care of ourselves. Takes good care of resources. We are passionate about our core values:

Humility - Respecting others through a polite and courteous attitude

Honest - always do the right thing

Teamwork - Each of us is doing our part: working hard together and growing together.

Excellence - What we do, we do well

Operations Manager

At Chick-fil-A 42nd and Madison, our operations managers are an important part of making everyday restaurant activities smoother and providing a wonderful guest experience. This role can only be attributed to it: ensuring that we are constantly providing desire-worthy meals and excellent services to keep our guests open.

This role spends 90% -100% of the time running the shift, managing operations, and leading the team. In specific areas of supervision, welcoming guests and taking orders / taking orders, completing transactions, preparing drinks, collecting orders, hot and cold food production, line work, delivery, preparation of food and ingredients, cleaning and handling, resolving guest complaints, assisting Train new employees and adhere to safety and quality standards.


Assist in ensuring smooth flow activity throughout the shift.

Identify and address any barriers to growth, pain points and other possibilities.

Plan, train and develop the team on an ongoing basis.

Listen to team members, keep the door open and open and help everyone thrive.

Appropriate line elements to control P&L's foreign budget and / or expenses, achieve specified profits and eliminate waste / opportunity costs.

Assist leadership and employer / operator to assist in the development of operating systems, structures and processes, as well as operational talents including all professionals and entry level leadership.

Collaborate with other leaders on identifying and building emerging leaders.

At least help build and lead a high-performance team of players such as Shift Supervisor, Team Leader, Hospitality Professionals.

Support the public sector in the development and implementation of personal training and development plans for all direct assistance positions.

Assist in leading upstream ordering, payment solutions and order fulfillment implementation and development.

Join the entire team to help maintain a positive employee relationships throughout the restaurant and a culture of direct participation in leadership.

Assist operational implementation with the size and complexity of the organization's growth - successfully manages the relevant aspect of implementation, working with talent and marketing partnership (e.g. development of scale production capacity or FHO capacity enhancement by staff to cater to external sales growth.).

Monitor key performance indicators for live support locations - create targets against program targets and track delivery, launch improvement programs and promote a culture of excellence, efficiency, innovation and customer service.

Establish and strengthen relationships with local businesses, visitors, community and government.

Help implement cultures, mindsets, and systems to achieve consistency in achieving strategic goals and successful specific actions (e.g., lean production mindset to end).

Specialized fields such as:

Catering, outside sales and additional distribution points

Cash management system, accounting and regulatory compliance.

Schedule to ensure operational efficiency, maximum team member flexibility and optimal labor cost standards.

Quality and strict compliance with food safety standards.

IT systems including customized KPS routing configurations, POS and iPass, mobile ordering, off-site ordering and more.

Work with directors and the employer / operator to ensure that team members comply with the Unit Policy Handbook and any additional terms or policies.

Train the team to work with directors, employer / operators, marketing and talent, to speak and agree, to reduce risk and to respond to any PR or HR related issues and communication.


At least 1 + years direct contact in a for-profit organization.

Minimum 1+ years of leadership experience to manage a team of over 20 people.

Demonstrate expertise in building and maintaining third party relationships to facilitate the development and distribution of operations.

Demonstrated robust project planning and management skills and the ability to effectively manage multiple business relationships.

Leading talent development experience is required in a diverse organization.

This person must be proficient or ready to operate in a Chick-fil-A restaurant, be highly engaged with the team, work in a fast setting on their feet all day and be able to lift pounds at 40 - 60 on a consistent basis.

This person must be prepared for the process of engaging and fully reaching out to understand the activities at Chick-Film-A Restaurant‌ or to enjoy the physical aspect of physical activity and / or activities.

This person should be regularly prepared for extraordinary events (such as opening, closing and working on Saturdays). Be prepared to work 45-50 hours a week on a regular basis.


Work life balance

Generous hours and overtime pay for anything over 40 hours

Medical, dental and vision insurance, including HSA-eligible plans

Holiday paid


Short-term disability insurance

Passenger tax benefit

College Scholarship

Staff reduction

Free meals on each shift

Sunday is a holiday

Christmas and Thanksgiving

Personal and professional growth and development opportunities.

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